4x4 RGB LED Shield

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4x4 RGB LED Shield

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Product Information

4x4 RGB LED Shield is board LED RGB 4x4 (16 LED) that serially  connects 16-LED No.WS2812B together and colored resolution of each LED is 24-Bit Color RGB. It uses 1-Wire Interface as NZR type to control LED; it serially sends data. Data 0 or Data 1 is setup by Period that  isthe  same as signal pulse; it uses 1 signal period per 1-Bit data to setup Data 0 or Data 1 as required.

This board design connector for using with Arduino board that is sold by ETT; moreover, it supports Raspberry Pi board and standard Arduino board. There is standard connector 10-Pin block type and connector 3-Pin male (DIN) on board.

Moreover, there is IR circuit on board, user can write program to receive remote signal to control the operation of LED on board; it provides example and library for Arduino board. In the part of Power Supply, this board requires 5V and current 1 Amp or higher to supply all 16-LED. For Power Supply of IR circuit, board uses Power Supply of MCU board (3.3V-5V) that is connected with. So, it requires 2 sets of Power Supply; one is for MCU board of user and another one (5V) is for 4x4 RGB LED Shield board.


  • Use Power Supply 5V DC and Current 1 Amp or higher (for supply 16-LED)
  • This board consumes Current 750mA approximately for all white 16-LED
  • Input DI Pin of LED supports Signal TTL 5V
  • Output IR gives Voltage 3.3V-5V, it depends on Power Supply from MCU board that is supplied to IR through Pin VDD (Please look at schematic circuit of board)
  • Have 16 RGB LED No.WS2812B is serially connected on board
  • IR No.TSOP4838 receives Signal Remote for long-distant control
  • Connector Block 10-Pin on board is connected to control IR and LED; and it is connected to Power Supply in the part of IR
  • Connector 3-Pin MALE is connected to control LED and it is connected to 5V Power Supply for LED
  • Connector Block 2-Pin is connected to external Power Supply to particularly provide LED
  • It designs holes on board to insert Pin Connector to support the standard Arduino board and Raspberry Pi board on the market.


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