4x4 RGB LED Shield

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4x4 RGB LED Shield

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Product Information

4x4 RGB LED Shield is board LED RGB 4x4 (16 LED) that serially  connects 16-LED No.WS2812B together and colored resolution of each LED is 24-Bit Color RGB. It uses 1-Wire Interface as NZR type to control LED; it serially sends data. Data 0 or Data 1 is setup by Period that  isthe  same as signal pulse; it uses 1 signal period per 1-Bit data to setup Data 0 or Data 1 as required.

This board design connector for using with Arduino board that is sold by ETT; moreover, it supports Raspberry Pi board and standard Arduino board. There is standard connector 10-Pin block type and connector 3-Pin male (DIN) on board.

Moreover, there is IR circuit on board, user can write program to receive remote signal to control the operation of LED on board; it provides example and library for Arduino board. In the part of Power Supply, this board requires 5V and current 1 Amp or higher to supply all 16-LED. For Power Supply of IR circuit, board uses Power Supply of MCU board (3.3V-5V) that is connected with. So, it requires 2 sets of Power Supply; one is for MCU board of user and another one (5V) is for 4x4 RGB LED Shield board.


  • Use Power Supply 5V DC and Current 1 Amp or higher (for supply 16-LED)
  • This board consumes Current 750mA approximately for all white 16-LED
  • Input DI Pin of LED supports Signal TTL 5V
  • Output IR gives Voltage 3.3V-5V, it depends on Power Supply from MCU board that is supplied to IR through Pin VDD (Please look at schematic circuit of board)
  • Have 16 RGB LED No.WS2812B is serially connected on board
  • IR No.TSOP4838 receives Signal Remote for long-distant control
  • Connector Block 10-Pin on board is connected to control IR and LED; and it is connected to Power Supply in the part of IR
  • Connector 3-Pin MALE is connected to control LED and it is connected to 5V Power Supply for LED
  • Connector Block 2-Pin is connected to external Power Supply to particularly provide LED
  • It designs holes on board to insert Pin Connector to support the standard Arduino board and Raspberry Pi board on the market.


Product Code 4X4NO7L781
Manufacturer ETT
Stock Level 10
Condition New
Weight 0.1kg

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