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HY-Mini STM32V


Manufacturer: HAOYU Electronics

This product is currently out of stock

Product Information

HY-Mini STM32V development board with 3.2 inch TFT color LCD, It based on the STMicroelectronics STM32 series processors (Cortex-M3). You can run uCOS-II and uC/GUI with this board.



  • CPU: STM32F103VCT6; (LQFP100-pin, on-chip integrated 256K flash, 48KRAM, 16x12Bit A / D, 2x12Bit D / A, PWM, CAN, USB and other resources)
  • Run 72MHz Clock / 90MIPS (1.25DMIPS/MHz)
  • 8MHz crystal, 32.768KHz crystal
  • 3.2-inch TFT true color touch screen module (320 x 240 resolution) with FMSC High-Speed interface, color touch module configuration TSC2046 or ADS7843 controller
  • TFT LCD use Single Chip Driver No.SSD1289
  • Micro SD card (SDIO mode) can be used to store pictures
  • USB interface, make USB experiment
  • Use PL2303 USB to Serial interface (ISP download), make RS232 communicate experiment
  • Standard ARM JTAG 20-Pin
  • RTC backup battery holder
  • 4 users LED lights, a power indicator light, a USB communication indicator and 2 user programmable light
  • 2 user keys and 2 keys ISP programming mode (a BOOT select button, a Reset button)
  • All I / O port through the standard pitch leads 2.54mm
  • USB powered, provide 800mA maximum current
  • uCOS-II and uC/GUI ported to the board with a demo
  • Board Size: 95mm x 80mm


Shipping List:

  • 1 x HY-Mini STM32V board
  • 1 x 3.2 inch TFT color LCD module
  • 1 x USB Cable A to Mini-B Type






Product Code: MIN8EVCS33


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