Mini ISD2548 Voice Record

Mini ISD2548 Voice Record
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Mini ISD2548 Voice Record Board is used to record sound and playback the recording, it is suitable to record any sound/message that is not longer than 48 seconds. It uses MCU Serial Data Interface (SPI) through IC 74HC595 to control recording and playing back, it reduces amount of Pin I/O of MCU that controls the operation of ISD2548  (normally, ISD2548 uses the Parallel Interface to control the operation that wastes much Pin I/O).


  • Be more convenient to record and playback the recording
  • Use Microcontroller to control operation
  • Address Mode: It can set the initial position to recode or playback sound from Pin Address of Chip (A0-A8)
  • The maximum length to record sound is 48 seconds per a Chip
  • Has 320 Message Addresses: 1 Address can record sound for 150 msec or 0.15 second
  • Input Sample Rate 5.3 KHz, Filter Pass Band 2.3 KHz (On-Chip Clock Source)
  • Can interface with headphone or be interfaced though amplifier for Signal Output
  • The recording sound is not erased although it is Power Off, it is unnecessary to use any battery for Backup
  • 100,000 times to record and it can maintain the recording up to 100 years
  • Provide +5VDC Power Supply for Board ET-MINI ISD2548
  • Temperature range: -40 to +85°C
Product Code MINO9V5471
Manufacturer ETT
Stock Level 8
Condition New
Weight 0.120kg

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