Mini TPIC6B595 Output Shift Register

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Mini TPIC6B595 Output Shift Register

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Product Information

ET-MINI TPIC6B595 is 8 Bit POWER Shift Register that is Serial-IN, Parallel-Out for SPI Interface. It receives the incoming data serially and then it sends data out to Output as parallel. Each Output Bit is Open Drain type that supports the maximum of Load Current at 500mA and then supports the maximum of Load Voltage at 50V. Moreover, this Shift Register number has Driver inside itself, so it is unable to drive Load Current and Load Voltage that is higher than the specified values above.


  • Includes 74HC595 Shift Register IC
  • Converts a Serial Input to a 8-bit TTL Output
  • Selectable Clock Input pin
  • Standard Header Connections for easy connection
  • Ideal for Use to expand the Number of Port Output Pins
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm


Product CodeMINUVF9G98
Stock Level12

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