PIC18F46K80 Development Board

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PIC18F46K80 Development Board

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Product Information

ET-BASE PIC40/46K80(ICSP) is Board Microcontroller in the series of PIC that is designed to use and install Chip Microcontroller 40PIN(40PDIP) No.PIC18F46K80. It is compatible with Power Supply 3.3V or 5V so, user should choose the most suitable type according to the objectives.

Structure of Board ET-BASE PIC40/46K80(ICSP) is designed to be mini board that is suitable for various applications and basic Training Kit. Internal board provides circuits that are necessary and convenient to use and develop program. It is flexible because it can adjust and modify Signal I/O for applications easily according to the preferable objectives suitably.

Moreover, it adds more devices for initially testing Input/Output internal board; so, user can use these devices to be tool while testing and developing the program. For example, it uses Adjustable VR to test the operation of ADC or, it uses Push Button Switch to test Input Logic or, it uses LED to test the operation of Output logic.


  • Use MCU No.PIC18F46K80(40PDIP) on board, Run by Frequency 64MHz at the maximum
    • 64KByte(32KWord) Flash/ 1024 Byte EEPROM/ 3896 Byte SRAM
    • 35 GPIO
    • 11-Channel 12Bit ADC
    • 2 Comparator
    • 2-Channel 8 Bit Timer/ 3-Channel 16 Bit Timer
    • 2-Channel EUART
    • 2-Channel I2C/ 2-Channel SPI
    • 1-Channel ECCP/ 4-Channel CCP
  • Has Crystal 8.00MHz and Jumper to connect/disconnect signal
    • 1-Channel for Hardware UART1, it uses Pin RC6(TX1) and Pin RC7(RX1) according to the PIC Standard
    • 1-Channel for Software UART, it uses Pin RC0(TX2) and Pin RC1(RX2) with Jumper to choose the operation modes either to be UART or GPIO as required
    • 1-Channel for Hardware UART2 in the format of TTL Level, it is used for general applications independently. For example, it interfaces with UART in the format of TTL Level or it interfaces with Line Driver to be RS422/485
  • Has 2-Channel Circuit Line Driver for UART RS232 Serial Port Communication
  • Has Connector ICSP RJ11 according to the ICD2 standard, it is used with Programmer and Debugger that supports the operation according to the ICSP standard of Microchips such as ICD2/ICD3 or Pickit2/Pickit3
  • Has Switch to alternate signals between Program/Debug(PGM) and Normal Run(RUN); moreover, there is LED to display operation modes of board
  • Has 4 of Header I/O 2x5 and 1 of Header CPA-5Pin
  • Has Switch RESET to reset the operation of MCU internal board
  • Has Adjustable VR to test the operation of ADC Input, it uses RA0 with Jumper to connect/disconnect signal
  • Has Switch to test the operation of Digital Input, it uses RA1 with Jumper to connect/disconnect signal
  • Has LED to test the operation of Digital Output, it uses RA2 with Jumper to connect/disconnect signal
  • Has Power +5VDC Input with 3.3V/1V Regulate and LED to display the operating status of Power Supply. Moreover, there is Jumper to choose Power Supply for MCU either to be +5VDC or 3.3VDC
  • Mini PCB Size: 8 x 6 cm


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