PIC32MX250 Development Board

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PIC32MX250 Development Board

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Product Information
PIC32MX250 Development Board is 32BIT Board Microcontroller in a family of PIC32 Core MIP32 MK4 from Microchips that uses CHIP No.PIC32MX250F128B to be MCU on board. This 32BIT MCU number is contained in 28PIN SPDIP Type; it is small MCU DIP type but it includes high potentiality of many resources, so it can be modified and specially adapted easier.
Because Microchip provides useful tools to develop program such as Text Editor and Compiler, including many Library and examples to be guidance; it assists developers in searching more information and examples to be initial guidance to develop, modify and enhance program easier in the future. It is more efficient and convenient to develop program because it assists develops to save much time and expense.
  • Includes Microchip 32-bit PIC32MX250 Microcontroller
  • Operating Speed up to 83 DMIPS
  • 128k Program Flash Memory
  • Direct In-Circuit Programming for Easy Program Updates (Requires Seperate Programmer)
  • Up to 21 I/O points with easy to connect standard headers
  • 2 x RS232 Connections with MAX232
  • 2 x I²C and SPI Modules
  • Full USB 2.0 with USB On-the-Go
  • 9 x High-Speed 10-bit A/D Channels
  • 5 x 16-bit Timers with PWM
  • Integral Real-Time Clock with Calender
  • Charge Time Measurement Unit for Touch Buttons
  • Power and Programming LED's
  • 2 x Test LED's for Indication
  • Reset Button
  • Ideal as a Compact, Powerful 32-bit Embedded Controller


Product Code PICX2QED17
Manufacturer ETT
Stock Level 9
Condition New
Weight 0.15kg

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