Touch Pad 4x4 V2

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Touch Pad 4x4 V2

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Product Information

Touch Pad 4x4 V2 is the latest Board TOUCH KEY that is developed and improved from the initial model Touch Pad 4x4, it reduces signal noises that occurred because of the operation and it increases more connection and use conveniently.


  • Be Capacitive Sensing 16-KEY TouchPAD (4x4)
  • Use IC No.IQS316 from AZOTEQ that is specially designed as KEY TOUCH, it reduces signal noises well
  • Use MCU No.STM8S105C4 to be Controller and communicate between IQS316 and external devices
  • Use +3.3 VDC or +5VDC for Board
  • Show the status of pressing KEY by sound (BUZZER) and 16-LED on position of individual KEY SW.
  • Set ON/OFF BUZZER and all 16-LED of individual KEY by JUMPER
  • Have 2 types of OUTPUT for sending the pressed KEY CODE as follows;
  1. BINARY CODE (BCD 8421): It is sent through CONNECTOR 8 PIN; Signal TTL is connected with 3.3V – 5.0V.
  2. ASCII CODE: It is sent through CONNECTOR RS232. There are 2 types of RS232 for this model V2; RS232 TTL 4 PIN and RS232 with LINE DRIVER 4 PIN. It sets BAUDRATE for sending data as 9600 bit/s.
  • Have 1 special KEY; it can be used either to be normal KEY or KEY SHIF
  • Key Touch Pad is made from translucent plastic with 2mm. thick
  • Board size: 76.2 x 88.9 mm.


Product CodeTOU3Z7HI33
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