WS2812B RGB LED Module

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WS2812B RGB LED Module

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RGB LED Module No.WS2812B with bit high resolution up to 24 Bit Color RGB, it means that it can display up  to  16  million  colors and it can be serially connected together at least 1024 Module as Cascade Connection without any increase circuit. It only uses single cable as NZR Communication to interface and control the operation. It sends Data as Serial type, it may be either Data 0 or 1 depending on the result of setting Period that is the same as Signal Pulse, it uses 1 Signal Period per 1 Bit Data to set the value either to be Data 0 or 1. The Module can support Input Data as TTL 5V so, it can be used with MCU 5V and the Power Supply for board must be DC 5V only.


  • Use DC 5V to supply Module
  • Input DI supports Signal TTL 5V so, it can be used with MCU 5V
  • Use single cable for Serial NZR Communication to Control Interface Module; moreover,it also uses single cable to control Module Cascade connection
  • Internal Chip WS2812B includes Signal Reshaping Circuit, Drive Circuit, Pixel RGB Controlling Circuit, Electric Reset Circuit, and Power Lose Reset Circuit
  • White LED 1 Module (Color=0xFFFFFF) consumes the Current 60mA or 0.3W approximately
  • 1 Module includes primary color that is RGB with a high resolution at 24 Bit Color. Each color displays 256 shades of brightness, so 1 LED can display 16,777,216 shades of color by using scanning frequency not less than 400 Hz/s
  • The gulf between 2 Modules while connecting Signal Data Control can be more than 5m without any increase circuit
  • When using rate of Refresh at 30 fps, it can connect at least 1024 LEDs together as Cascade Connection
  • Sending data in each bit as Serial type at a speed of 800 Kbps
  • Color of this LED is highly consistent light and Output of LED is Late type, it keeps glowing until other new set of Data is sent out


Product CodeWS2QW66L96
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