ATmega328 Development Board V2

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ATmega328 Development Board V2

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This ATmega328 Development Board V1 and V2 is ARDUINO Board Microcontroller in the family of AVR ATMEGA328; it can develop and write program by C Language. Moreover, it can use only one Program  ARDUINO to write, compile and  download program. When downloading program into MCU, it downloads via 5-Wire Serial Port RS232 of PC. This Board version provides circuit  and connects I/Os to Port Pin of MCU completely, so user can use this board to learn and study how to write program in order to control I/O on Board instantly.

This board emphasizes practical skill of writing program about RTC (#DS3231) such as time setting, alarm setting, temperature, and humidity. In this case, it shows the result on LCDDisplay 1x16 (V1) or 2x16(V2). ETT provides example programs including Library that controls I/Os on board; so, it is suitable for students or beginners who require studying and learning how to write program on Board Microcontroller.


  • Use MCU ATMEGA328 28PIN DIP Type, run at Frequency Crystal 16 MHz. It installs Program Boot Loader of Arduino version Genuino uno completely.
  • Develop and write program by Program Arduino directly; it can download the written program via Connector RS232 5-Wire on board
  • Use Power Supply DC +5V and its Connector Type is Box 2 Pin
  • Provide I/Os on board to develop and write program as follows;
    • 5-Push Button Switches with 5-colors covers of button
    • 1-Slide Switch
    • RTC-DS3231 with Battery Backup
    • Character LCD 1x16 (V1 version) or Character LCD 2x16 (V2 version) that can adjust Contrast, use SPI Interface and control the operation through IC 74HC595 on board
    • Relay OUTPUT 2-Channel; 10A/DC 24V, 120VAC and NO:10A /250VAC, NC:6A/250VA
    • Buzzer
    • DC-IN 2-Channel; it sets Jumper to choose 3 of Input Voltages; 5V/12V/24V as preferred
    • Connector RS232 4 Pin can be connected with ET-Touch PAD 4x4
    • Connector Box 5-Pin 2-Channel can be connected with ET-Sensor No.AM2302, SHT15 and SHT31


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