NodeMCU Extension Board

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NodeMCU Extension Board

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ET-BASE NodeMCU Board supports the installation of NodeMCU Module, this board externally pulls pin I/O of module to connectors on board, so it is easier to use. There is a part of connector RS232 that has already connected line driver, so it can be connected with RS232 of computer of PC or other interface devices conveniently. In a part of this pin I2C, it provides connector that has already converted by circuit voltage converter so, it can be connected with I2C device that is logic TTL (5V) instantly. For power supply of module, it can be connected to connector USB of module directly, it is suitable for program development. Or, it may connect to connector power supply 5V on ET-BASE NodeMCU Board, it suitable for actual use in the system.

It is easy when using this ET-BASE NodeMCU Board because it just connects NodeMCU module to the specific position on board. Next, provides power into NodeMCU module either through connectors. And finally, the module runs.


  • Connector receives external 5V Power Supply for module, there are 2 types of Connector Terminal and Block 2 Pin.
  • Connector directly supplies 5V, 3.3V and GND to all external devices that are connected with.
  • Provide Connector I/O D0-D7 as Block 10 Pin type for connection, Signal I/O at this Connector only supports the Voltage level that is not higher than 3.3V.
  • Provide Connector I/O D5-D10 and A0 as Block 3 Pin type for connection, Signal I/O at this Connector only supports the Voltage level that is not higher than 3.3V.
  • Pin VO of Connector Block 10-Pin and 3-Pincan choose 2 Voltage levels by setting Jumper to choose the Voltage level either to be 3.3V or 5V.
  • Connector I2C as Block 5-Pin type that has been converted by the Circuit Voltage Converter completely can support the Logic 5V (TTL).
  • Connector RS232 as 4-Pin type that hasbeenconverted by IC Line Driver ST3232 completely can be connected with RS232 of PC or RS232 of other devices that have RS232 and it has also been converted by IC Line Driver.


Product CodeNOD1KBYI63
Stock Level10

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