Ultrasonic Distance Meter

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Ultrasonic Distance Meter

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Product Information

ET-REMOTE DISTANCE is Distance Measurement Module by Ultrasonic Waves; it consists of 2 important parts. Firstly, it is the part of Board Ultrasonic (HC-SR04) that includes sender and receiver of Signal Ultrasonic. When the sender sends out Signal Ultrasonic in the air and the Signal touched any object, Signal Ultrasonic is reflected and sent back to the receiver; next, the Receiver converts the received Signal into the format of Width Pulse (positive).

Secondly, it is the part of Board Controller that controls the interval of reading Signal Width Pulse from Board Ultrasonic and it converts the received Signal Pulse into the value of distance (centimeter) and shows the result on 7-Segment Display. Moreover, it can be interfaced with user through RS232; so, user can send Command to this Board Controller to read the distance measurement, including setup arbitrary distance for measuring and send out the distance measurement to user in the format of Logic TTL.


  • Use +5V Power Supply
  • Distance measurement is in the range of 3 cm. – 210 cm. approximately
  • Show measuring result by 7-Segment as 4-Digit; 3-Digit for integer and 1-Digit for decimal system
  • A unit of measurement is centimeter with 1-Digit decimal system for display the measuring result
  • ON/OFF 7-Segment Display by either SW. on board or by Command through RS232. The latest status of ON/OFF 7-Segment will be saved in E2PROM and it still remained although the Module Power-OFF.
  • There are 2 Operation Modes. Firstly, this mode detects distance; it can setup any arbitrary distance to detect and it outputs the value as Logic TTL. Secondly, this mode reads the distance; it sends Command for reading distance through RS232. In this case, user can choose the format of reading distance either to be ASCII or HEX; either to be integer or decimal (depending on Command type for reading distance).
  • Both Operation Modes auto operate together; so, user can connect Cable from any Port that is related to the Operation Mode instantly.
  • For Distance Detection Mode, if the measuring distance is less than the defined Distance Detection, the Logic at Port OUTPUT becomes Logic 0 (TTL) and the Buzzer create long Beep sound. The interval of Beep sound is frequently when value of the measured distance (comes near and nearer the object) is less than the defined Distance Detection higher than 50%.
  • ON/OFF Buzzer by setting JUMPER
  • Use SW. on Module to set 1 value of distance each time for detection. This setting value will be stored in E2P and it still remains although Module Power-OFF. The old setting value of distance is overwritten every time user sets any new value of distance.
  • Can set 2 Baud Rates by Jumper to send Command to read distance through RS232; 9600 and 57600.
  • ON/OFF Filter (Default) for reading distance in order to display result on 7-Segment Display. If ON Filter, the 7-Segment Display is stable while showing the measured distance; but speed of reading value to show on Display is slower. If the range of distance for detection is highly different, it should set OFF Filter because speed of reading distance is more rapid; it is suitable for distance detection but the result that is shown on 7-Segment Display is unstable.


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